Beautiful design on the Hiut Denim Size Guide

There’s a lot to love about the story of Hiut Denim but the best part for me is the Size Guide. As you would expect, it helps you find the right size for your jeans. But the clincher for me is the sense of promise you have from seeing your jeans age and fade over time - three years, to be precise.

This is fantastic design for two reasons.

It makes it easier to decide to buy

To my mind, this is a subtle but effective way to make the price tag seem less daunting for someone who’s never dropped a ton or two on jeans alone. Yes, you’re paying £130-£260 for a pair of jeans… but they’re going to last you three years at the least. 

It creates the emotional bond

You’re looking at the jeans fade over time and you’re already imagining the journeys you’ll take together, you and your organic selvedge denim. The romance is palpable. 

Masterful work from Mark Boulton Design

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